Bainbridge Cup 2019

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IFP Bainbridge Cup 2019

As a large number of our followers will know from posts they have received from others, The Italian Open Pickleball Championship tournament has ended.

The event included the 2nd Bainbridge Cup Pickleball Team event, between Team North America v Team Europe. Congratulations go to Team North America, who won the trophy for the second time. Congratulations also go to Team Europe, who put up a fantastic effort in greatly reducing the point difference between the two teams.

If any of our followers are ready to play for Team Europe to ensure a victory the next time the trophy is contested, then blank off July 2019. Germany have agreed to host the 2019 event and plans are underway to stage the event. As soon as details are finalised we will publish details, so you can start to firm up your travel arrangements.