Amsterdam Tournament

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Congratulations to everyone who attended the tournament. It was amazing that 13 of our members attended. It was a fantastic achievement that five members of the club received medals. Well done to everyone.

A small number of photographs have been added to the photo gallery.

Photo No 1: – Club members ready for action at the start of the tournament. From right to left, Ian and Maureen Wilson, Brian and Alison Eastgate, Derek and Francis Bird, Steve and Susie Hughes, Chris Ross, Frances Turner, Gill Smith, Brian Hook and Peter Turner.

Photo 2,3 & 4: – Club members on an organised cycle tour of Amsterdam. The group included Pickleball players from the USA and India.

Photo 5: – An action shot from the bronze medal game for mixed doubles between two teams from our club. Brian Hook & Gill Smith v Peter and Frances Turner.

Photo 6: – A group shot of all 5 winning club medallist’s.

Photo 7: – Gill Smith and Brian Hook (Bronze medal, Mixed Doubles level 2.5)

Photo 8: – Alison Eastgate & Francis Bird (Bronze medal, Ladies Doubles level 2.5)

Photo 9: – Ian Wilson with partner John Schowalter (from USA) (Bronze medal, Mens Doubles level 4+)

Photo 10 : – Participants of the 3rd/4th place play off, Peter Turner, Gill Smith, Brian Hook and Francis Turner.

Photo 11:- Club members enjoying the hospitality of Amsterdam Pickleball Club.

Photo 12 :- Club members celebration meal at the conclusion of the tournament.

Photo 12 a :- Club members trying to blow up the coach on his birthday.

Click the icons below to see news paper reports about our trip to Amsterdam.

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PrintGo Active have put a picture and details of our Amsterdam success on their website. To view the information click on the Go Active logo.